Mini Course

Here is what you will get when you join:


MODULE 1: Podcast Benefits

(why podcasts should be part of your PR and content plan)

MODULE 2: How To Identify Your Ideal Audience & Podcasts

(understanding your ideal listener)

MODULE 3: How To Find Podcasts & Create Your Dream List

(including screen flow how to search iTunes to find podcast and information you need to know)

MODULE 4: All About You

( how you should present yourself online to maximise your chances to be accepted as a podcast guest)

MODULE 5: Requesting Your Interview

(best practice to approach and request podcast show to maximise your chances to be interviewed)


Part 1 – Technology & Sound

(all you need to know about your set up to achieve the audio)

Part 2 – Interview Preparation

(how to know what to prepare to be great communicator)

MODULE 7: Your Call To Action

( why you need one and how to prepare and promote your offers)

Each module has action summary points to help you complete each module without feeling overwhelmed or stuck.

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